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This Sunday we’re cooking ! Peg is definitely our favourite place in the world to eat yakitori, and drink many, many wines. We’re working on a menu of some kiln classics, some dishes we miss from eating in Thailand and haven’t made here, chef song soo is bringing some homemade kimchi to serve with steamed seafood and braised mangalista belly. Chef toshi is aging wild mallard in shio kojio and there’s black pudding.

Also, in striking similarity to a time when legendary drummer Ginger Minger Baker joined Hawkwind and together they blew the bloody doors off of everyone’s minds, the artwork you see here is a coming together of two graphic heavyweights @teganellahendel and @personality___crisis . There will be a few posters available to buy on the day.

Bookings for 2pm - 6pm via and walk in only for the evening.






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Next Wednesday evening we are excited to be welcoming winemaker Philippe Wies of La Petite Baigneuse vineyard in Maury, South of France. Our team have spent time with Philippe at his winery the past two summers, bottling, labelling and most recently for harvesting in August. Chef @meedu_saad has some jersey beef aging with @philip_warren_butchers that he will be smoking over the vines from the vineyard. Philippe will be pouring a selection of his wines all evening. Big thanks to @ancestrelwines for helping this come together.


Theres a few bookable tables downstairs for parties of 4 or more, get in touch with the team via
Walk ins as usual for any less than 4 on the bar and counter. Kicking off a little later than usual, from 6pm till late.


Artwork by the brilliant @personality___crisis





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SEAFOOD AT KILN: for London Restaurant Festival. We’re putting on a seafood only menu this Wednesday 30th October from 5pm til late. Chef @meedu_saad and team have been working on dishes like Laotian style laap of pollock, herbal broth of cockles and fermented shrimp, raw Ike jime mackerel and wild bass with white soy, ginger and salted plum.

There’s a few bookable tables downstairs for parties of 4 or more, get in touch with the team via Walk ins as usual for any less than 4 on the bar and counter.


Artwork by @personality___crisis


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Excited to announce that we are hosting Chef Num from @samuay_n_sons to bring some of his dishes to cook at Kiln on the 25th March. Chef Num has a fascinating approach to cooking the food of his region of Esarn, North Eastern Thailand. His is a progressive style of Thai cooking which is focussed on foraging and sourcing native ingredients and working within the traditions of the region. We had a hugely enlightening meal with him in Udon Thani earlier this year and really can't wait to see what he'll be doing with the produce we grow here.
Dishes in discussion are Mum Yang, grilled bitter offal and blood sausage, and Mok Pla with Jaew Tub Pla, herbal fish steamed in banana leaf and served with spicy fish liver sauce.
It’s a set menu and @lukepyper will be pouring some of his favourite wine from lesser known producers for the evening.
Bookings from 6.00pm, £55 via

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On 29th October, we’re inviting Jeremy Clarkson chef and co-founder of recently Michelin star ikoyi and @theskinnybib to come cook with us at kiln. Two of the most well travelled and brightest voices in food right now according to us. The menu will be a kind of loose collage of their backgrounds and influences... all cooked over fire and focused on a few of the best examples of produce coming up from cornwall at the moment.
Dishes in development are Raw Lobster & Nam Pla Kuan Egg Yolk, Mackerel with Mbongo & Plantain, Aged Hogget with Gola Pepper & Fermented Scotch Bonnet, Stir Fried Red Curry of Aged Hogget & Green Peppercorn, Ike Jime Mackerel Clay Pot and Greens & Fermented Soy Bean Cake with a side of cum.
It’s a set menu and includes wines which @lukepyper is picking out for the evening.
Bookings from 5.30pm, £55