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SUN 13.00—20.00

Lovely Pink Bream from wild harbour, Cornwall in today, we'll serve these this evening. If you're into seafood we have mackerel, red mullet, whole crab & langoustines on the menu today.

1 . Dec . 16

Grilled Crab with Muoi Tieu Chanh, a salt and pepper dipping sauce from Vietnam.

24 . Nov . 16

Baking glass noodles with brown crab and Tamworth pork belly. We use a 30 year old shaoxing rice wine in there too.

10. Nov . 16

Outrageously perfect red mullet, in this morning. They can be a little prawny when not super fresh, but these are still in rigour and the flavour is beautiful. To be severed with a light Turmeric curry this evening. We also have equally exciting brill and wild bass to be served steamed with soy and kaffir.

29 . Oct . 16

Ox Heart Laap with Tumeric leaf on this evening and we're serving roast suckling pig with whole steamed wild bass for a larger booking downstairs. If you're interested in booking for a larger plates meal downstairs drop us a line on

23 . Oct . 16

Laos style Laap of fish with fried lemongrass. Not much of a looker but tasty and hot.

3 . Oct . 16

Southern Thai Sour Yellow Curry of Mussels. Aromatic and bitter with loads of fresh tumeric and sweet Cornish mussels. On today

1 . Oct . 16

Beautiful, firm, bright and perfect Mackerel in yesterday morning from Cornwall. We served these as a Khua Kling a southern Thai type of dry red curry, cooked in our charcoal woks, with Chinese chive, fresh kaffir and three types of chilli. Really simple food, really beautiful fresh ingredients to cook with.

30 . Sep . 16

A herbal and pungent Long Pepper & Tamworth Tenderloin Curry with Holy Basil . Holy basil grown by @lukiefarrell Ryewater plants is really good.

29 . Sep . 16

The new issue of @thegourmand is out today. There's a lovely piece called 'Borderlands' included which we contributed to whilst on a recent research trip to the northern Thai borders researching recipes for Kiln with the immensely talented @benjaminmcmahon . Reading it is making me wish we were back there already.

29 . Sep . 16

An Isaan salad of fresh shiitake grown in Cornwall

27 . Sep . 16

Cockles & Fermented Shrimp with lemongrass grown by Sean O'neil for us on Keveral Farm, Cornwall. The lemongrass is really fragrant when this fresh, we're really enjoying practicing dishes with Sean's produce this week.

26 . Sep . 16

Aged Lamb & Cumin Skewers. Thanks to the special work the guys at Warrens Farmers in Cornwall do, we can take whole Hogget which has been heavily fattened and then can be aged for 5 weeks or more. The extra fat cover protects the flesh during aging and keeps the texture soft on deeper flavour meat. There's nothing else like aged lamb fat.

25 . Sep . 16

Our engine room.

25 . Sep . 16

Simple dish of sweet langoustine, fresh kaffir lime and young ginger

24 . Sep . 16

Getting Close

17 . Sep . 16

Clay Pot Baked Crab & Glass Noodle with Mangalitsa Belly. Fragrant and peppery

10 . Sep . 16

Khao Dtom / Mangalitsa & Young Ginger Rice Soup. For the prevention and cure of whiskey hangovers.

3 . Sep . 16